Santa Fe, this small island of 24 sq. Km. lies in the centre of the archipelago, to the south west of santa cruz. Geologically it is one of the oldest, since rocks of about 4 milions years old have been found. It has a beautiful white sand beach, full of the sea lions, and you can see giant cactus woods, Galapagos hawks and iguanas.


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The archipelago is famous as a home to animals species unique in the world. One of these, and perhaps the best known, is the giant tortoise know as the Galapagos tortoise, which lives on seven of the islands.The marina iguana is also extremely important since it is the only reptile adapted to life in the water. The large number and range of birds is also of interest to scientists.

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Journey in the wood enchanting meeting in the amazonian forest along Rio Napo. A trip close to nature and the ancien traditions.
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Journey on the volcanos, organized hiking tour on the volcanos for expert people. Ecuador gives the opportunity of several itineraries of high altitude.
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