Santa Isabelais the largest island in the archipalago, with an area of 4588 sq. Km, 60 % of the total area of Galapagos. It is made up of a chain of six volcanoes, five of them active, each of which has its own species of giant turtle. Puerto Villamil, with il little white coral streets, can be found on this large island.


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One of the main attractions is the Negra Sierra volcano, whose a crater has a diameter of ten thousand meters one of the biggest on the planet. Around it are small active craters and in the centre a large colony of galapagos turtles. Is also a breeding centre for giant turtles managed by nacional park. There are also herds of horses and wild cattle. Visitors can enjoy the beatiful virgin beaches inhabited by the animal species.

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Journey in the wood enchanting meeting in the amazonian forest along Rio Napo. A trip close to nature and the ancien traditions.
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Journey on the volcanos, organized hiking tour on the volcanos for expert people. Ecuador gives the opportunity of several itineraries of high altitude.
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